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Each measurement issue is unique. Carltech likes to provide input and create the best customised solution for every possible situation. E.g., measuring gases in a production area or monitoring and controlling a process with a gas measurement. Or in wet and dirty conditions requiring gas conditioning first. Feel free to ask for our input.  

1. It starts with the measurement issue

The measurement issue is paramount in determining what needs to be made. What gas needs to be measured for what and under what conditions. Here, we assume an advisory role and offer opportunities to further fine-tune the final product with various options. This might involve an analogue or digital output signal - with or without display -, relays or heating. Basically, anything is possible, and we supervise the entire process.

2. Quote and prototype

Once the measurement issue and details of the final product are known, we draw up a quote with all options discussed. After approval, we can get to work. Sometimes, a prototype may be required. We usually manufacture prototypes using the modules we have as standard, so that these can be tested and worked with quickly. Once the prototype has been approved, the final system goes into production.

3. Production and assembly

We design all systems ourselves. Some parts, such as housing, we buy. Other items we produce ourselves by means of 3D-printing. Finally, the parts come together in the assembly. Products are assembled and checked in series.

4. Delivery and installation

Although you can install it yourself, we are happy to do it for you. Obviously, to make sure everything works as it should, but also to calibrate and neatly complete the process. Once the preparations for installation, such as connecting the electricity and piping are complete, we are happy to take care of installation and commissioning.

Custom-made products

At Carltech, we manufacture custom-made products that fully meet your measurement needs. Our innovative design process, where 3D drawing plays a central role, allows us to ensure a robust product.

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Gas detector
  • Single or multi-gas
  • Optional display, heating, etc.
  • Galvanically separated output signal
Analyser with multi-sampler
  • For ripening chamber applications
  • Modbus interface
  • Easy to calibrate
Outdoor application
  • Measuring system in stainless steel outdoor cabinet
  • Heating and ventilation for optimal conditions
  • Suitable for all types of analysers
Multi-gas analyzer
  • Measures up to four gases
  • Including filters and condensate removal
  • Heated enclosure

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