Measure and regulate gas concentration to keep the process running at its best. Know exactly what is happening with our process measurement products. We can provide a solution for any measurement issue with any conceivable gas.

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NOx analysers

NOx analyser are ideal instruments to monitor ambient air. Besides monitoring outdoor ambient air, the analysers are also suitable for monitoring air quality in production plants.

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N₂O analysers

The highly complete, accurate and stable N₂O analysers allow direct measurement of laughing gas (N₂O). Equipped with a thermostatic housing, accurate NDIR sensor and optional automatic zero calibration, built-in data logger and sample pump, galvanic isolation and stainless-steel housing.

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Incubator analysers

Carltech incubator analysers monitor the CO₂ concentration in the incubator. To make things easy, temperature, CO₂ content and alarm limits can be read in a display.

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C₂H₄ analysers

The Carltech WD27.5 C₂H₄ analyser very accurately measures ethene at low ppm levels. The analyser is thermostatically controlled, thus unaffected by temperature fluctuations. This also makes it extremely suitable for measurements in, for instance, greenhouses. Available in various measurement ranges, in stainless steel housing, thermostatically controlled, low-maintenance and with built-in silent sample pump.

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