Oxygen is an essential element for life on Earth. It is part of the air we breathe and plays a crucial role in many biological processes. Oxygen is produced by plants during photosynthesis and is also present in the atmosphere as a gaseous compound.

Measuring oxygen levels is important to ensure air quality and safety in various environments. In addition, in many industrial processes, the presence of proper oxygen concentration is essential for optimal operation. Too much or too little oxygen can negatively affect process efficiency or even lead to unwanted by-products or results.

Depending on the specific application, various measurement methods and instruments are available from Carltech to measure oxygen.

A commonly used method to measure oxygen is paramagnetic analysis. This method makes use of the fact that oxygen is a paramagnetic gas, meaning that it exhibits magnetic properties when exposed to a magnetic field. By measuring the degree of magnetisation, the concentration of oxygen in a given environment can be accurately determined.

In addition to paramagnetic analysis, electrochemical sensors are also available for measuring oxygen levels. These sensors use electrochemical reactions to determine the concentration of oxygen.

Finally, there are Zirconium oxide (ZrO2) sensors for measuring oxygen concentrations, especially in industrial applications. Zirconium sensors work on the principle of electrochemistry. They consist of a zirconium dioxide electrolyte layer with an oxygen diffusion barrier on one side and a reference electrode on the other. When oxygen molecules enter the sensor, an electrochemical reaction takes place that results in a measurable current between the electrodes.

Whether you need oxygen measurements for gas detection applications, process monitoring, control or optimisation, our solutions can help you.


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